A Moley-1887 & Baked Mushrooms-1877

Yesterday was not a very good day. I ended up coming home from work with a migraine and if you know me, my migraines completely disables me from doing anything. I was hoping to at least make something that was quick & easy, but I did not feel well at all. So, I will have to tell you about the dinner Frankie made. He decided he would BBQ some chicken wrapped in bacon, which takes the whole healthiness of chicken out of it, but it was SOO good. I’m so glad I took 5 minutes to get up out of bed to eat dinner. Frankie is a really good natural when it comes to making food, especially grilling. He just knows what will taste good without a recipe. I’m hoping with this project, I can get a sense of food like he does!

Anyway, today I made the meal I was planning on making yesterday – A moley and baked mushrooms. I think this dinner was great. A moley had curry powder in it which kind of over took the flavor. I’m learning very quickly that curry is a very strong spice. I think next time I make it I’ll use less or no curry because I feel like it would have been a better taste. Oh and I added the leftover mushrooms into the A Moley. The recipe didn’t call for that but I think it was a good addition. The baked mushrooms… oh my goodness they were so delicious. The recipe called for the mushrooms to be cleaned and trimmed, covered in pepper and butter. Then baste it with butter for 20 minutes. Once it’s done and out of the oven, sprinkle a little lemon juice and parsley on top and you have an amazing appetizer. I can’t wait to make this for a family dinner.

Tomorrow I might attempt a lobster bisque, depending on how much lobster is at the grocery store. I work 4 hrs tomorrow during the day, so hopefully it’s a good day and I feel well afterwards. Hope ya’ll are doing good tonight. Wish me luck tomorrow đŸ™‚

— Michelle

Daily Fact: 1867 – Thomas De Voe writes The Market Assistant, detailing foods sold in New York City, Philadelphia, and Boston

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  1. This looks great! And I never thought of wrapping chicken in bacon…haha

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