Raspberry Granita – 1895

So tonight I actually worked after having three days off. Those days off literally felt like an eternity but it was good to have Sunday to just hang out with Frankie. Since I’ve started work we actually haven’t hung out at all, which is weird because we are literally always together if he isn’t at work. But it was fine. I’m slowly learning that some people.. really just suck with this job. Forewarning… ranting and raving… I had a lady come up to me today and make a comment about how dirty the store was. Yes I realize the store does get very messy when customers leave their dump all over the place when they could easily have put it back and when our workers don’t clean up their areas on a regular basis. That’s because we are literally slammed from the minute we open to the minute we close. So here’s this lady right, well she complains to me, yes as I mentioned. Then as I’m organizing some pillows which I’ve been doing since I got to work, she asks me where the sheets and towels are. I tell her and she goes on her way. Next thing I know she is back in the pillow area feeding through her cart and there she is putting sheets and towels which are only a few aisles down onto a shelve where pillows go. Mind you, she removed some pillows putting them on a dump cart near by so she could put her dump on the shelf. It mind-boggles me. I wish I could speak my mind sometimes to these types of customers, but I can’t.. and I won’t. So I hold my tongue. I’m just grateful that there are a few customers out there that realize we as employees try our hardest to pick up after some of the customers who don’t know how to do it themselves.

Anyway…. that’s that. Once I got home from work I started on my daily recipe. This time I decided I would try to pick something short because it was already 11pm. I chose to do the raspberry granita, which is a frozen dessert. So far so good. It’s still in the freezer doing its thing so I’m still awake waiting haha. The recipe was pretty simple… and I’m really liking these simples recipes! All I did was throw some sugar in some boiling water. Then added lemon juice and frozen raspberries after 15 minutes. Then I stirred the mixture until the raspberries started to break down which was probably about 5 – 10 minutes. Once I did that, I poured the mixture into a baking pan and put it in the freezer. So far its been about 2 hours since I’ve finished that. I’m suppose to stir it every 30 minutes until its shards of ice. I think I’ll wait til morning after this post to stir it. I’m tired. But I did taste it. Its SO good and very tart. But most things with raspberry and lemon juice are tart, which is my favorite. I’m curious to see how it is in the morning. I was thinking it would be more of a goo to put on top of ice cream but I’m thinking it won’t be that way. We shall see… Tomorrow I work at 3:30 but I should be home by 8pm. Hopefully I can make some bread rolls tomorrow! Wish me luck 🙂


Daily Fact: 1856 – The first Vegetarian Community was established in Kansas.

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  2. You are adorable and I love this blog a lot! Also, I like to mention that this recipe sounds delicious! :]

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