Salmon Salad – 1881

So…. I lied. I know in my last post I said I would never poach salmon again unless in butter, but I had to poach salmon for this recipe because I forgot I was going to use some of the leftovers from the other salmon recipe to make this one. Oops. However, the salmon turned out better than it did last time! I think I might have left it to poach for too long which kind of made the salmon dry. This time, it didn’t really matter if it was dry or not because of the liquid I added to it.

This recipe would have been super quick and easy to make if I hadn’t had to poach another fillet again or boil eggs. It took me about an hour I think to make this recipe yesterday before I had to go to work at 6. Quickly, I brought another batch of poaching liquid to a boil. This time I added a lot more dried parsley and thyme. Then I dropped the salmon in so that it was just covered. At the same time I had another little pot boiling with some eggs and salt. While I waited for these two items to cook, I cut up the celery that was considered to be the ‘salad’ part of the recipe. I actually was not required to use any leafy greens so that was a little different. It kind of reminded me of a recipe that I would cook for P90X where I would cook a chicken breast, cut it up into small chunks and mix it with mayonnaise, celery and Dijon mustard. As a matter of fact, this is very similar in taste. I put the cut up celery in a large bowl. Then I cracked the finished hard-boiled egg, took the yolk and smashed it with a fork. Next added the mustard, this time not Dijon but regular, to the smashed yolk. It was a weird chunky texture but then the recipe said to add red-wine vinegar, I used cider vinegar. This made it turn into liquid very quickly. I was also supposed to add horseradish, but I don’t have any of that so we missed out on the flavor of that distinct substance. Once the salmon was done, I took it out to cool for about 5 minutes then I ripped it into pieces with a fork. Hesser didn’t say to do this, but I figured it would call for a better salad this way. Then I added the salmon to the celery, mixing them together. Next I added the vinegar dressing and before you know it, the salad was complete. I spooned out half for myself, the other half was left for Frankie when he got home from work. I topped it with the cut up egg whites and some pepper and enjoyed my small meal before I headed to work for the night. I didn’t have time to make anything else to go with. I was pretty bummed that it was such a small proportion but I guess it was a salad.

The meal tasted pretty good. It was different. I absolutely love vinegar based dressings so I was pleased. I think I was more pleased with this recipe than I was with the other poached salmon recipe. I don’t know if was because the salmon didn’t seem to taste dry or the fact that this recipe wasn’t as bland as the other one. I would definitely make this again though, but proportions. Anyway, I have a picture to load into the post. I just haven’t put it on my computer yet. And I only took one picture because I forgot what I was doing haha. Oops. Anyway, working again tonight. But I’m off at 7 so that’s nice. Soon enough, I’ll be done working at Ross, moving to Seattle and working in some lab in Seattle whether it’s at Virginia Mason and Swedish Medical. We shall see!! Frankie is going shopping tonight for the rest of the groceries. Looks like this week is going to be filled with asparagus recipes, YAY haha.. wish me luck.


Daily fact: 1880 – cooking teacher Juliet Corson gives courses on cooking skate. They belong to the stingray family…

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